Bachelorette Cruise

December 21, 2022 2 min read

bachelorette on cruise ship

Bride-to-be Natalie celebrated her bachelorette party on a cruise ship with 6 of her friends! They cruised with Royal Caribbean and stopped at CocoCay & Nassau, Bahamas. Having a bachelorette cruise is the way to go if you are looking for an easy alternative to bachelorette planning. On a bachelorette cruise you have fun activities to enjoy, endless restaurants, and you wake up in a beautiful destination every day! .--Check out what these ladies did on their cruise ship bachelorette party for some bachelorette planning inspiration!
bachelorette cruise

How they got there:

The bride-to-be and her friends drove together to port of Miami for their cruise vacation and paid to park at the port. This worked great for them as they did not need a flight to get there.
bachelorette on cruise ship

Where they stayed:

Natalie and her bachelorette crew got two connecting rooms for their 3 day weekend cruise. During a cruise bachelorette you have a variety of different room choices. Some of the popular options are an interior room or a room with a balcony.
bachelorette on cruise ship

Decorating cruise cabin tip:

The bride-to-be and her friends decorated their rooms to celebrate the bachelorette party. They had inflatable balloons and letters. When bringing decorations on the ship be mindful of their rules when it comes to decor. Also consider bringing magnets as all the walls are metal. If using tape, be careful to not damage the walls during this process.
bachelorette on cruise ship

What they did:

The great thing about their cruise bachelorette party is they could choose to split up for activities if they wanted, and also hang out together.
bachelorette on cruise ship
Throughout their stay they had their own fun game brought by the MOH, which were scratch off dare cards.
cruise bachelorette

Day 1:

      The first day they arrived to the cruise ship and got checked in for their epic bachelorette cruise. The first day of a cruise ship is great for enjoying the restaurants, pool/hot tubs, on board entertainment and activities. The bride-to-be wanted to dress up on her bachelorette cruise and loves disney. They decided to make their own disney night and dress up as disney princesses and go to dinner.

          bachelorette cruise

          Day 2:

            The cruise bachelorette arrived at CocoCay, a private island owned by Royal Carribean. During their stop at Cococay they decided to rent a cabana together. With most cabana rentals it includes food, drinks, snorkel gear, floats, and a private attendant. The private attendant brings food and drinks to you during your time in the cabana! In addition packages will include beach access which is typically its own fee. Bride/to-be Natalie & her friends also enjoyed some music from a playlist curated by the MOH of the bride's favorite tunes, as the cabana included a sound system.

              bachelorette on cruise ship

              Day 3:

                The next stop for their bachelorette party cruise was Nassau, Bahamas. Nassau is a great cruise port to walk around and view their cute shops, explore the city, swim with dolphins and more.

                  bachelorette on cruise ship

                  3 day cruise price breakdown:

                  • Royal Carribean cruise $531 PP
                  • Cabana rental at CocoCay.  $233 PP ($1400 total)
                  • Wifi Package for 4/6 people $100 total
                  • Parking at the port $84 total for 3 days
                  bachelorette cruise

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