Hayley's Bridgerton Themed Party

April 10, 2023 3 min read

Bridgerton Themed Party

A Bridgerton bridal shower is the most perfect idea for any bride-to-be who is looking for a boujee set up or a tea party aesthetic. Similar to Lady Whisttledown the future bride is sure to be the talk of the ton with this unique bridal shower theme. Bridgerton has had two great seasons and is such a vibe for a bridal shower.-- Ladies, put on those puff sleeve dresses, and get ready for a day of sipping tea with your pinky up.

Photos: Pop Sip and Celebrate

Bridgerton Themed Party

Bride-to-be Haley had a Bridgerton bridal shower set up by a local company in Florida Pop Sip and Celebrate. Whether you want to organize a small garden party for your family or a lavish ball fit for a Queen, check out this bridal shower decor and set up for some ideas and inspiration.

Bridgerton Themed Party

The Color scheme:

When considering the colors to incorporate into your Bridgerton bridal shower think of gentle royal design. You will want to have some delicate pastel colors like pink, purple, and blue.

The Set Up:

  • Tabletop: Setting up an elegant tabletop is an easy way to bring your Bridgerton bridal shower to life. When considering your table set up think lace place mats, items with gold trim, or vintage style plates with floral prints. You will definitely want items that have an an antique look.

Bride-to-be Haley had fancy candle holders added to her tabletop as a centerpiece for her Bridgerton bridal shower.  A candle holder with an antique look can really bring your tabletop together. 

Bridgerton Themed Party

Add Florals:

Vintage florals are essential for nailing the Bridgerton Regency-era theme. You can add some florals as centerpieces to your table and throughout your bridal shower to pull everything together.

Bridgerton Themed Party
Bridgerton Themed Party

Dress Code

A Bridgerton bridal shower would not be complete without some Bridgerton attire. Your hairstyle, makeup, and a cute dress will all give the essence of a 19th century baddie.

  • The Dress: Consider getting a dress with puffy sleeves, or a long skirt to feel as though you are at the most exclusive of soirées
  • Bridal Gloves: You can add a pair of gloves to tie your bridal shower look together.
  • Casual dress: If you are going for a more casual look you can get a puff sleeve jumpsuit or a simple puffy sleeve top and pair it with some jeans.
  • Pearls: Adding pearls to your outfit will give it that classy and timeless look.
  • Hair do: You can do a lot of fun styles such as an elaborate up do, bun, or keep it simple by putting your hair down with a natural look. Something like a high puff similar to Queen Charlotte’s or an intricate updo like Daphne's.
  • Makeup: Keep your makeup light and airy to complete your look.
Bridgerton Themed Party


Add some entertaining activities to your Bridgerton bridal shower with some games. Some fun activity ideas would be a quiz about the bride-to-be or a who would you rather game with all the Bridgerton men.

Bridgerton Themed Party

Food and Drinks

A high tea is the logical option for your Bridgerton bridal shower. However, you can also do something formal like dinner or a garden party. Some great additions to add for food would be fruits and mini pies. 

Bridgerton Themed Party

Invitations/ Stationary

Invitations for your Bridgerton bridal shower must be in the style of the period. This includes every aspect, right down to how you greet your guests in the invites you send. Also, when sending invites consider using a cursive font and a neutral-toned invitation
Bridgerton Themed Party


Making bridal shower favors for your guests is one of the most fun parts of planning a wedding shower. For your Bridgerton party, you'll require some favors from the Regency era. sone ideas include gifting embroidered napkins with teaspoons.

Bridgerton Themed Party

Loving this bridal shower look? check out Bridgerton outfit ideas.

Bridgerton Themed Party


Bridgerton Themed Party


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