Taylor Swift Bachelorette: Tybee Island

February 12, 2023 3 min read

taylor swift bachelorette

Bride-to-be Courtney had a Taylor Swift bachelorette party in Tybee Island, Georgia with her friends. While on Tybee they also spent a lot of time in Savannah as well. Tybee Island is a charming and unique island on the Georgia coast and is the perfect location to bring the crew for a beach bachelorette weekend. The island also has accommodations and restaurants that are inexpensive. If you are planning a bachelorette party in Tybee Island or a Taylor Swift theme check out Courtneys bachelorette trip for some inspiration!

taylor swift bachelorette

Theme: Taylor Swift "She Found Her Lover"

The bride-to-be is a Taylor Swift fan. For any Taycray brides this is the perfect theme for you. The bride's maid of honor did an incredible job at setting the mood for the bachelorette party with everything Taylor Swift inspired. The bride had a super cute lover backdrop with her face on it and they wore matching "Lover" shirts!

taylor bachelorette party

For their Taylor Swift bachelorette party they had  cookies that were bride themed and also had Taylor Swift lyrics on them. For Courtneys's bachelorette party they incorporated pastel colors into their decorations to set the vibe. 

A highlight of their bachelorette party was putting on colorful wigs for a night downtown together. A fun addition to a Taylor Swift bachelorette is for everyone to dress up as different Taylor Swifts, and wear wigs and sunglasses!

Bride-to-be Courtney wore a purple wig for her night downtown with her friends! She added some sunglasses, a gorgeous purple sequin dress from Lulu's and of course a tattoo with her future lovers face!

taylor swift bachelorette

Looking for some more Taylor Swift bachelorette party inspiration? Keep reading for some must haves for your Taylor Swift bachelorette party!

Taylor Swift Bachelorette Party: How to accessorize

There are so many fun things that you can incorporate into your Taylor swift inspired bachelorertte from shirts, balloons, and invitations. We have rounded up the top Taylor Swift inspired items for your bachelorette party.

The Oufits:

Match with your friends in these lover shirts. These shirts are inspired by Taylors most recent album. Shop shirts.
Adding cute shirts matching shirts to your bachelorette party can really bring this theme together and will be so fun to take photos in together. Shop shirts.

Matching bachelorette pajamas:

Another fun idea is to add some tye dye pajamas to your bachelorette party. for your bachelorette party pastel colors can really set the vibe. These pajamas fit into the Lover color scheme and are great for a girls night in! Shop pajamas.

The invites:

Set the vibe for your bachelorette party with these beautifully designed lover inspired invitations. Imagine the bachelorette crew opening up their bachelorette invite or itineary! This will add so much excitement for the bachelorette weekend to come. Shop lover itinerary.

Lover bachelorette itinerary:

If you are looking for an alternative to the lover themed bachelorette invites, these lavender haze invitations are perfect! These are inspired by Taylor's song Lavender Haze. Shop lavender haze invite.

Lavender haze bachelorette invites:

Lover bridal shower & bachelorette invites:

Taylor Swift lover invitations are also available for bridal showers and bachelorette parties as well! Shop lover bridal shower invite.


The decorations:

We have rounded up all the best Taylor Swift decorations for the bachelorette party! From balloons, banners, and more!

Taylor Swift Bachelorette Party Photo Booth Props

Make your bachelorette party or bridal shower unique and memorable with these Taylor Swift themed photo booth party props! These are also great as a centerpiece or print them for extra decor at your party. Shop photo booth props.

Photo booth props

taylor swift bachelorette party

She found her lover sign

These lover signs are a great entrance piece for any Taylor swift themed bachelorette or bridal shower. Shop she found her lover sign.

taylor swift bachelorette party

Adding a sign to the bachelorette or bridal shower is a great way to set the tone. Shop she found her lover sign.

taylor swift bachelorette party
taylor swift bachelorette party

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