10 Bachelorette Party Ideas On A Budget

November 27, 2022 2 min read

bachelorette party ideas on a budget

Bachelorette party ideas on a budget

Are you a bride-to-be looking for bachelorette party ideas on a budget? You may not want to break the bank and are searching for cost saving tricks and ideas. We have rounded up 10 bachelorette tips for to cut party cost.  


Bachelorette party ideas on a budget

1.) Travel during off season

Off season travel is the time of the year, that your desired bachelorette location is less crowded. This is also an opportunity to take advantage of lower prices and more availability. Off season will depend on where you and your bachelorette crew choose to travel but typically it may be during the cooler months such as autumn and winter. In addition to take advantage of off-season pricing consider not planning a destination bachelorette party during holidays or events such as Labor Day or spring break when prices for accommodations may be more expensive. 

2.) Plan in advance

An idea of how to have a bachelorette party on a budget is to plan it in advance. Planning a bachelorette party months ahead gives the members of the party time to save, and it is especially important for keeping flight and accommodation cost down. Typically, as you get closer to an event, the more it cost as things begin to get booked. 

3.) Split cost

A bachelorette party in itself it a great way for everyone to have an amazing time by splitting cost. You can choose the budget that every agrees on and that they are comfortable with putting towards the bachelorette. 

Bachelorette party ideas on a budget

4.) Road trip 

Taking a road trip within your own state is a great budget friendly idea to consider for a bachelorette party. When you take a road trip the cost of flights are being cut out, which in turn makes for a more affordable bachelorette weekend. There are many new and fun things that you can discover in your own backyard such as going to a beach out of town.

5.) Stay local

An inexpensive idea is to stay in town and not go on a road trip or take a flight across the country. You can choose to celebrate the bachelorette party at a local hotel or Airbnb to cut cost. 

6.) Avoid eating out

A cost friendly idea is to enjoy dinner with your bachelorette party at your Airbnb or at a friend's house. Everyone can choose to bring a dish to eat before a night out. 

Bachelorette party ideas on a budget

7.) Have drinks at hotel 

If the members of the bachelorette party are planning to go out to the club or have dinner out, money can be saved by pre-gaming at the hotel or Airbnb. Just be sure if you go this route to take an uber!

8.) Slumber party

Cut cost and have a budget friendly bachelorette by having a sleepover at a friend's house. Bring the drinks, snacks, and turn on the party music for a good time!

9.) DIY decorations & party favors

Bachelorette decorating services with a company can be expensive. Decorating yourself is a great idea to cut cost. In addition, making your own cute party favors can be a budget friendly alternative. 

10.) Free activities

There are plenty of free activities that your bachelorette crew can enjoy together. A few free activities to consider are a day at the beach, park, or a pool party. 

Bachelorette party ideas on a budget

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