How to Source Bridal Party Supplies

October 04, 2023 4 min read

How to Source Bridal Party Supplies

No bridal party is complete without party supplies. These supplies can include:

  • Decorations (ribbons, confetti, balloons, party caps, etc.)
  • Tableware (cups, glasses, centerpiece vases, etc.)
  • Accessories (hats, sunglasses, jewelry, etc.)
  • Clothing (robes, pajamas, bridal jackets, etc.)

As you can see, these supplies are diverse. It's very tricky to get them at fair prices.

So, if you’re a wholesaler or retailer seeking ways to source bridal party products, this guide is for you. Here, we discuss the different channels for sourcing your bridal party supplies.

Channels for Sourcing Bridal Party Supplies


You can directly source your bridal party supplies from manufacturers. They can either be local or overseas manufacturers.

The following are some of the pros and cons of sourcing stock directly from manufacturers:


  • It removes any middleman
  • Easily communicate your requirements to the manufacturer
  • Source products at highly reasonable rates
  • Scale up your product catalog


  • Manufacturers might have large minimum order quantities
  • Sourcing bridal party supplies from overseas manufacturers has a higher risk of fraud and scams
  • Overseas manufacturers can take longer to ship the stock
  • Contract negotiations can be a hurdle if the manufacturer is from a different country


Wholesalers are another channel for sourcing bridal party supplies. This option has its own advantages and disadvantages.


  • Contract negotiations are usually not an issue
  • Products can be shipped more quickly


  • Many wholesalers carry similar party supplies, making selection challenging
  • Wholesalers can include additional charges to the product prices


In the present age of digitalization, many B2B buyers prefer shopping online. This is why online wholesale marketplaces like SeeBiz are on the rise.


  • Open 24/7
  • Easy to view product catalogs from multiple wholesalers
  • Shipping and delivery are usually handled by the marketplace


  • Many marketplaces charge high commission fees
  • Product information might not be up to date

Trade Shows

Trade shows are among the best places for buyers to communicate with diverse sellers.


  • Easy access to multiple suppliers under one roof
  • Easy to negotiate and close deals
  • Personally examine and review party supplies


  • Accommodation, food, travel, and attendance expenses.
  • Cost of time out of office also needs to be taken into account

Factors to Consider When Sourcing Bridal Party Supplies

Supplier Evaluation

Bridal party supplies are readily available from many suppliers, yet, only some suppliers can meet the standards.

Therefore, it is recommended to conduct a thorough evaluation before purchasing your stock.

This includes careful background checks to assess the supplier’s market reputation. Some other points that can help include:

  • Ensuring that your supplier is capable of mass production
  • Focus on the supplier’s industry experience. They need to be well-informed about ongoing trends and in-demand bridal party supplies.
  • Carefully go through the supplier’s customer reviews to find their strengths and weaknesses.


It’s advisable to first purchase samples to check the quality of the supplies. While checking, consider the following:

  • Material: The clothing fabric should be breathable, smooth, and skin-friendly. Silk and cotton are the preferred materials for bridal robes and pajamas. Similarly, linen also works for bridal parties held in summer. Bridal jackets should be made of high-quality denim. Ensure bags and clutches are durable and of high quality.
  • Finishing: Ensure that every product has a proper finish. The edges of accessories like sunglasses and hats should be smooth and comfortable to wear. There should be no incomplete stitches or hanging threads around the corners of the bridal clothing.
  • Color Adherence: The adherence of color to the fabric is another essential point to consider, as colors can bleed or mix upon a single wash.


Customers demand variety in bridal party supplies. Conduct thorough research on multiple suppliers to check for the following:

  • Styles and Designs: Ensure that your prospective supplier offers different styles of bridal party clothing. For instance, bridal robes with lacy or strappy necks should be available in various lengths. Similarly, the jackets’ styles can differ. Also, consider different designs in accessories such as sunglasses, hats, etc. You should go for elegant and trendy designs and patterns on tableware, such as champagne glasses and plates.
  • Color Choices: Multiple color choices will attract multiple types of customers. Ensure that bridal party supplies are available from your prospective supplier in various colors. For instance, the apparel and accessories can be multicolored or in solid colors.
  • Size Ranges:One size does not fit all. Ensure that your prospective supplier offers a range of sizes for bridal clothing and accessories. From small to extra-large, bridal robes, jackets, pajamas, etc., should be available in all size ranges. Similarly, look for different sizes of accessories and party decoration supplies.


Pricing is another crucial factor when sourcing bridal party supplies. Consider comparing prices of different items from multiple suppliers. For instance, the prices of custom-made bridal party supplies will differ from the readily available ones.

Similarly, suppliers may have different shipping and delivery charges depending on geographical regions. International shipping charges are usually higher than local shipping charges.

Final Thoughts

A variety of bridal party supplies are available in the market. As mentioned above, you can use multiple channels to source these supplies. It depends on your business requirements and the volume of the bridal party supplies you need for your inventory.

At the same time, it’s also essential to maintain stock quality. The factors mentioned above are important to consider when purchasing bridal party supplies.


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