Taylor Swift Bachelorette Party Outfits

May 29, 2023 3 min read

Taylor Swift Bachelorette Party

Taylor Swift Bachelorette Party Outfits

Sparks are sure to fly at a bachelorette party with a Taylor Swift theme. You can coordinate your bachelorette outfit to fit Taylor swift’s recent love songs Lavender Haze, Lover, or Midnight. Great options to incorporate into your attire are adding some purple hues into your fits. Also, subtle rainbow tones such as these cute dresses from Amazon are perfection. Lastly, consider soft pastel colors such as blue, pink, and blue to pull your Taylor Swift look together.


Taylor Swifts Lover album cover incorporates dreamy rainbow hues that are perfect to coordinate into a Lover themed bachelorette outfit. To accomplish this look you will want to add add soft rainbow hues into your attire for this romantic theme.

This multi-colored dress from amazon features whimsical layers and sparkles. The subtle rainbow hues are perfect for a lover's theme. In addition, it is lightweight making it a great dress to party in all night while singing some Taylor Swift songs with friends!

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This glitter mini dress is a fun style option for a Taylor Swift bachelorette party. The sparkles and pastel colors will make for gorgeous and memorable photos that are insta-worthy!

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Another option for the glitter mini dress is this version with lighter tones. If you are looking to add the rainbow look into your bachelorette wardrobe, with softer colors, this dress is perfection.

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This crop top and mini skirt combination from Revolve is a dreamy addition to any Lover's themed bachelorette party. The pastel colors are and unique design makes for a fun outfit to add to your bachelorette attire for this theme. 

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This tie dye puff sleeve dress from Shein will be an enjoyable outfit to wear. If you are ready to bring out all the lover vibes for the bachelorette party this dress is cute and affordable option.

Lavender Haze:

Taylor Swifts Lavender Haze video has a memorable shot with her in a purple pool, giving all the lavender vibes. If you are looking to accomplish a Lavender Haze look for a Taylor Swift themed bachelorette party you will want to incorporate hues of purple.

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The sparkly fringe dress will work wonderfully for a theme centered on Lavender Haze. In addition, because it is both comfortable and lightweight, it is an excellent choice to wear to a bachelorette party.

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  • This flowy dress is a wonderful option for a bachelorette party in the spring or summer. This lovely dress can be purchased on Amazon and includes a sweetheart neckline and puff sleeves.
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    Taylor Swift performed Midnight during one of her concert in this fringe black dress and paired it with sparkly boots. This ensemble would be perfect to replicate for a Midnight themed bachelorette party. In addition, if you are considering a midnight theme some other great color options would be Navy blue or purple.

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    This Sequin crop top and mini skirt from Showpo is a fun option idea for a Midnight bachelorette theme.

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    Pair this Sequin dress with these fabulous rhinestone boots to complete your Midnight bachelorette look.

    Theme: Taylor Swift "She Found Her Lover"

    There are so many different things you can incorporate into your Taylor swift bachelorette outfit. If you are looking for a casual alternative for your outfit then rocking shirts and a pair of jeans are a must.

    The Oufits:

    Match with your friends in these lover shirts. These shirts are inspired by Taylors most recent album. Shop shirts.
    Adding cute shirts matching shirts to your bachelorette party can really bring this theme together and will be so fun to take photos in together. Shop shirts.

    Matching bachelorette pajamas:

    Another fun idea is to add some tye dye pajamas to your bachelorette party. for your bachelorette party pastel colors can really set the vibe. These pajamas fit into the Lover color scheme and are great for a girls night in! Shop pajamas.


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