Disco Bachelorette Party Ideas

October 17, 2022 2 min read

disco bachelorette party

We adore a fun bachelorette party, particularly one with a disco theme! Bring on the glitter and shimmer! Not to mention those sparkling disco balls! Every bachelorette party is fun, but with a little disco it makes it such a groovy time for the bride-to-be and her dancing queens! Use the adorable disco accessories, party supplies, and decorations we found to make your bachelorette party a hit


disco bachelorette

Disco Bachelorette Decorations:

To bring your disco theme together, cute party supplies are a great idea. Your bachelorette party can truly come to life with the right decorations! To create a disco-themed evening, consider using balloons, banners, and streamers. Bachelorette decorations can also be used as a backdrop for some gorgeous photos with the bach crew!

last disco bachelorette party

disco bachelorette party

last disco

last disco bachelorette

Disco Bachelorette Outfit Ideas: The Bride

The fun part about a disco bachelorette party is all the cute accessories. The bride-to-be can rock a sparkly jacket, dress or whatever fits their style. Consider adding some fringe, tassels, and sparkle to your wardrobe for your disco night. 

Disco Bachelorette Outfit Ideas: The Bride


The Outfits: The Girls

Get a little wild and crazy by adding some metallic, groovy floral patterns, or sparkly clothing into your wardrobe for the party. Unleash your inner disco queen with the right outfit to celebrate!

 last discodisco bachelorette partylast disco

Disco Bachelorette Party Favors:

Fun party supplies are a must for a disco bachelorette party. Party cups are great for the night of the bachelorette party and as a bachelorette party gift to remember the moment. 

disco bachelorettelast disco bachelorette

Last Disco Playlist Ideas: 

Can't have a disco themed bachelorette party without adding some 70's music to the mix! Check out some hit songs that are sure to make you and your friends dance the night away. 

  • Stayin Alive

  • Boogie Wonderland

  • I Will Survive

  • Love Hangover

  • Night Fever

  • Funkytown

  • Disco Inferno

  • Bad Girls

  • Ladies Night

  • Ring My Bell

  • Super Freak

  • It's Raining Men

  • Turn the beat around

Disco Bachelorette Themes:

  • Last Disco

  • Dazed and enaged

  • Boozed and confused


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