14 Best Florida Locations For Bachelorette Party

January 08, 2023 6 min read

Florida Locations For Bachelorette Party

Florida makes the ultimate bachelorette party destination with its tropical weather and gorgeous beaches. The sunshine state is the perfect place to rock a cute swimsuit and to have a beach themed bachelorette party. In addition, there are so many great cities in the state of Florida to host an epic bachelorette party. Check out the top 14 locations to consider for your Florida bachelorette party.

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1.) Miami Florida:

Lets start the list off with one of the most popular bachelorette destinations in Florida, Miami! It is no wonder Miami is on the top of so many bachelorette parties list as crazy, vibrant and fun location to celebrate. The city has stunning beaches and great weather most of the year. The city has many lively clubs and a great night life. If you are looking for some relaxation from the party scene check out one of the cities many spas. If you are looking for fun in the city and to party on the beach Miami is a great option.
More on Miami:

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2.) Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Fort Lauderdale is the perfect alternative to Miami if you are looking for a more cost friendly and low key destination. Fort Lauderdale is about 2 hours away from Miami, and has a more relaxed vibe. Some of the most gorgeous beaches can be found in Fort Lauderdale. The bride-to-be and her crew can take a break from all the wedding day prep with a nice stay on the beach. In addition, Fort Lauderdale provides a bride and her bachelorette party with a variety of entertaining activities and restaurants to choose from.
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3.) 30A, Florida:

Located in Florida’s panhandle, 30A is a great city to consider hosting a bachelorette party. The city of 30A has crystal-clear Gulf waters and is lined with gorgeous white beach sand. This is a relaxed city that is gradually becoming a favorite bachelorette destination.
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Photo: Crab Island Luxury Adventures. Book here.

4.) Destin Florida:

Not far from 30A is Destin, Florida. When it comes to a bachelorette party, Destin is a great location offering gorgeous beaches, warm weather, dolphin cruises, parasailing, and so much more! If you are looking for an affordable bachelorette party destination and to spend some time on the beach, you should consider hosting your bachelorette party in Destin!
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Photo: Destin Pontoon Charters. Book here.

5.) Key West:

Key West has a dreamy tropical atmosphere and is another popular Florida bachelorette destination. Known for its pristine beaches, thriving nightlife, and hidden gems. Key west is a hip beach town that is a great consideration for a bachelorette celebration.
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6.) Siesta Key:

Siesta Key has become well known thanks to it being brought to life by the MTV show, Siesta Key.  This gorgeous south Florida city is a perfect spot for a beach-themed bachelorette party. In addition, it has loads of bars within walking distance and it also offers art, music, and a laid-back vibe. 
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7.) Sarasota:

Sarasota is the ideal getaway for a bachelorette party because it is surrounded by white sandy beaches, great food options, and many things to do and see.

    8.) Orlando:

    Orlando is a city rich in culture, variety, and delicious food and is home to some of the best theme parks in the nation such as Disney world and Universal Studios. There are so many things to do in this fun city, that make it a great Florida location to party with your bachelorette crew. 

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    9.) St. Augustine:

    St Augustine is a charming city in Florida that makes for a unique bachelorette party destination. The city offers picturesque cobblestone streets, and gorgeous beaches. St Augustine is the nation's oldest city and has a ton of history. When here you will notice it has a European feeling with centuries old buildings, horse-drawn carriages, hidden courtyards and more! 
    • Things to do: Ghost tour, Boat Cruise, Lightner Muesam, horse-drawn carriage
    • Where to eat: Columbia restaurant, Llama Restaurant, Prohibition Kitchen 
    • Where to party/Bars: The Tini Martini Bar, Dog Rose Brewing Co, Isabella's Bar Cuba

    Florida bachelorette locations

    10.) Panama City Beach, Florida:

    Panama City Beach has something to do for the whole bachelorette crew thanks to its amazing attractions, mouthwatering dining options, lively nightlife, and shopping. Panama city has beautiful gulf beaches lined with pristine white sand and breathtaking ocean views. It's understandable why the city's beaches are frequently listed as some of the most stunning in the world.

    • Things to do: Have fun boat day with Double Fun Pontoons, Scuba diving, Kayaking, Paddle boarding, Beach Day

    Florida bachelorette locations

    11.)Fort Myers

    Fort Myers has lovely, beaches with stunning sunsets. Fort Myers downtown has evolved into a lively night scene where clubs, coffee houses, and uniche restaurants. There are also things here for nature lovers wit’s there variety of parks and preserves.  

    • Things to do: Edison & Ford Winter Estates, Fort Myers River District, Fort Myers Beach (under construction post hurricane), Six Mile Cypress, Lake Regional Park, Fort Myers Tiki Tour
    • Where to party/Bars: Indigo room, Celsius night club, Cigar bar live

    Florida bachelorette locations

    Tampa Bay consist of Tampa, Clearwater, and St Petersburg. All of these cities are located near each other, each city with their own unique experiences for a bachelorette weekend. Clearwater, Tampa, or St Pete are all great florida locations to consider. 

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    12.) Tampa 

    When planning a bachelorette party in Tampa, it is the perfect big city party vibe. The downtown area is especially great to celebrate during a bachelorette weekend. When we say there are so many things to do and restaurants to try in Tampa, that is SERIOUSLY an understatement! You will have a variety of activities to choose from, the possibilities are endless!
    More on Tampa: 

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    13.) Clearwater:

    Clearwater is a great city to visit depending on what you are looking for. Clearwater is a city in Florida's Tampa Bay area known for its gorgeous gulf coast beaches and sunny weather. The city of Clearwater is the perfect city for lounging around the beach, walking around cute souvenir shops, and enjoying rooftop restaurants with views.  
    More on Clearwater:

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    14.) St Petersburg

    St Pete is an amazing destination all around for a bachelorette weekend in the Tampa Bay area. Definitely St. Pete Beach!! Tons of bars, restaurants, beach activities and things to do. St Pete Beach is the absolute best and there are low key bars, night life, rooftop lounges, and other amazing things to do for everyone in your bachelorette party crew. St Pete is a great city for both beach and city vibes.
    More on St Petersburg: 

    Looking for some more bachelorette party destinations? Check out: 100+Bachelorette Party Destinations. East Coast Bacehlorette

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