20 Best East Coast Bachelorette Party Destinations

January 08, 2023 10 min read

 East Coast Bachelorette Party

Finding the perfect bachelorette party destination for you and your crew can be a whole lot of fun. There are so many amazing destinations to visit across the country. Some popular destinations like Nashville, Scottsdale, and Las Vegas are on many bachelorette parties list. However, when considering a bachelorette party destination the East Coast also has some incredible locations that may fit your fancy for your bachelorette party trip. Check out the 20 best bachelorette party destinations to consider from some well known locations, and intriguing newcomers!

1.) Portland Maine:

The largest city in Maine has recently attracted a lot of attention due to its buzzing food and beverage industry. The picture-perfect shoreline and cooler summertime temperatures make this an ideal location for an unconventional east coast bachelorette party.

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2.) The Hamptons:

The Hamptons provide something for every kind of bride.This is the perfect summer bachelorette getaway, there are nearby vineyards to visit, outodoor activities, beaches and a lively nightlife for partying.

Tip: When visiting the Hamptons try to book during the off-season when it is less expensive, summer months can be expensive and rentals can book up quickly as it is a summer hotspot among New York natives.

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3.) Charlottesville, Virginia:

The University of Virginia and Monticello are just a couple of the beautiful places in Charlottesville, but it's also the starting point for some of the best wine tasting in the nation. Take a break with the girls for a weekend for some Charlottesville bachelorette party fun. Charlottesville has charming streets with shops and restaurants. Take in the scenic views of the city and enjoy their vibrant downtown area. Charlottesville also offers luxurious lodgings, and some of the best vineyards, and breweries.

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4.) Asheville, North Carolina:

For the bachelorette crew who is searching for a weekend of excitement and and a chance to check out some amazing mountains Asherville is perfect! This stunning city has something for everyone to enjoy with its fantastic restaurants, shops, brewies and opportunities for site seeing.

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5.) Charleston, South Carolina:

When it comes to a bachelorette party celebration Charleston, South Carolina is an ideal east coast location for its southern charm, lively atmosphere, gorgeous beaches, and delicious food! There is no shortage of things to do in this Southern gem. 

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6.) Savannah, Georgia:

Savannah, Georgia, is another southern gem perfect for a bachelorette destination. Like Charleston, Savannah is also a very charming town. The difference however between the two is that Savannah has a more chill and relaxed vibe. If you are into beautiful structures, brunch, bars, and the beach Savannah may be for you! Looking for a crazy nIgor out?  Check out River Street's vibrant party scene. If you want a relaxing beach day take a drive to the gorgeous coastal beach, Hamlet only 30 minutes away.

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7.) New Port, Rhode Island

Newport is a popular east coast destination for bachelorette parties because of its exciting nightlife, booming food scene, nearby vineyards, charming neighborhoods, and breathtaking coastline sunsets.

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8.) Atlantic City:

On the Atlantic coast of New Jersey you will find Atlantic City. This east coast bachelorette party destination is well-known for its numerous casinos, upscale shopping, expansive beaches, and popular Boardwalk. In Atlantic City you will find high-rise hotels and nightclubs. In addition to offering fun at the casinos and trying out their slot machines, you will have so many great spa services to choose from.

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9.) Cape Cod, Massachusetts:

  • A well-liked summer vacation spot is Cape Cod located in the state of Massachusetts. Cape Cod is home to charming villages, seafood shacks, lighthouses, ponds, bay beaches, and so much more! A fun option to add to your bachelorette trip is visiting the islands of Martha’s Vineyard or Nantucket by ferry.

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10.) Myrtle Beach, South Carolina:

The next location for a fantastic east coast bachelorette party is Myrtle Beach. There are many things to do while in Myrtle Beach. While visiting this destination for a bachelorette party check out its vintage Family Kingdom amusement park, SkyWheel (one of the tallest Ferris wheels in the nation) and its city shore line filled with restaurants, arcades, and gift shops.

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11.) Lake Placid, New York:

Lake Placid is a village town that makes for an interesting east coast bachelorette party. This destination is known for being a venue  for the Winter Olympics. This is also a great destination if you are into winter activities and sports to do during your bachelorette party trip.

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We at Bach Bride think that Florida makes the ultimate bachelorette party destination. We may be a little biased considering we are based out of Florida. However, there are just so many great cities in the state of Florida to host a bachelorette party that are increasingly becoming more popular. Check out some Florida locations to consider for a east coast bachelorette party below.

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12.) 30A, Florida:

Located in Florida’s panhandle, 30A is a great east coast bachelorette party destination. The city of 30A has crystal-clear Gulf waters and is lined with gorgeous white beach sand. This is a relaxed city gradually becoming a favorite bachelorette destination.

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13.) Destin Florida:

Not far from 30A is Destin, Florida. When it comes to a bachelorette party, Destin is a great location offering gorgeous beaches, warm weather, dolphin cruises, parasailing, and so much more! If you are looking for an affordable bachelorette party destination and to spend some time on the beach, you should consider hosting your bachelorette party in Destin!

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14.) Miami Florida:

Miami is the ideal location for a crazy fun bachelorette party. The city has stunning beaches and great weather most of the year.The city has many vibrant clubs and a great bar scene. If you are looking for some relaxation from the party scene check out one of the cities many spas. Miami is a popular hot spot for bachelorette celebrations. If you are looking for fun in the city and a to party on the beach Miami is a great option.

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15.) Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Fort Lauderdale is the perfect alternative to Miami if you are looking for a more cost friendly destination. Fort lauderdale is about 2 hours away from Miami, and has a more relaxed vibe. Some of the most gorgeous beaches can be found in Fort lauderdale. The bride-to-be and her crew can take a break from all the wedding day prep with a nice stay on the beach. In addition, Fort Lauderdale provides a bride and her bachelorette party with a variety of entertaining activities and restaurants to choose from.

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16.) Key West:

Key West has a dreamy tropical atmosphere. Known for its pristine beaches, thriving nightlife, and hidden gems. Key west is a hip beach town that is a great consideration for a bachelorette party destination.

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17.) Siesta Key:

  • Siesta Key has become well known thanks to it being brought to life by the MTV show, Siesta Key.  This gorgeous south Florida city is a perfect spot for a beach-themed bachelorette party.In addition it has loads of bars within walking distance and it also offers art, music, and a laid-back, easy-going vibe that your bachelorette crew is sure to love.

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When planning a bachelorette party in Tampa Bayyou want to choose the location that has the vibe that you are looking for. Tampa bay consist of Tampa, Clearwater, and St Petersburg. All of these cities are located near each other, each city with their own unique experiences for a bachelorette weekend. Clearwater, Tampa, or St Pete are all great east coast bachelorette party destinations to consider, whether you are looking for big city vibes like Tampa or beach fun in St. Petersburg and Clearwater. 

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18.) Tampa 

When considering a bachelorette party in Tampa, it is the perfect big city party vibe. The downtown area is especially great to celebrate during a Tampa bachelorette party. When we say there are so many things to do and restaurants to try in Tampa, that is SERIOUSLY an understatement! You will have so many fun things to do on a bachelorette party in Tampa, the possibilities are endless! We have narrowed down the list of some of the best places to stay, eat, things to do during a Tampa bachelorette party.

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19.) Clearwater:

Clearwater is a great city to visit depending on what you are looking for. Clearwater is a city in Florida's Tampa Bay area known for its gorgeous gulf coast beaches and sunny weather. The city of Clearwater is the perfect city for lounging around the beach, walking around cute souvenir shops, and enjoying rooftop restaurants with views.  

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20.) StPetersburg:

St Petersburgis an amazing destination all around for a bachelorette weekend in the Tampa Bay area. Definitely St. Pete Beach!! Tons of bars, restaurants, beach activities and things to do. St Pete Beach is the absolute best and there are low key bars, night life, rooftop lounges, and other amazing things to do for everyone in your bachelorette party crew. St Pete is a great city for both beach and city vibes.

More on St Petersburg: 

Looking for some more bachelorette party destinations? Check out: 100+Bachelorette Party Destinations.14 Best Florida Locations For Bachelorette Party.

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