Charleston Bachelorette Party Guide

February 07, 2022 5 min read

Charleston bachelorette party

When it comes to a bachelorette party celebration Charleston, South Carolina is an ideal location for its southern charm, lively atmosphere, gorgeous beaches, and delicious food! Photo credit: Charleston bride tribe. 

Charleston bachelorette party  

 Things To Do:

Boat Day With Captain Cocktail Cruises

Looking for a charleston bachelorette party boat? Prepare for the time of your life as you board Captain Cocktail Cruises.

charleston bachelorette party

Hire Butler Services With Cocktail Boys:

Sit back, relax, and let the Cocktail Boys make bachelorette party one to remember! Cocktail Boys offer bartending and party hosting services for a unique bachelorette party weekend. These southern gentlemen will make your day is truly unforgettable.

Photoshoot With Charleston Bride Tribe:

Looking for a Bachelorette party photographer to capture some epic photos of you and your girl gang? Whether in Charleston or beyond check out Charleston bride tribe, Where it’s not just a regular Photoshoot, but a whole BACH experience!! 📸

charleston bachelorette party

  More Things To Do: Charleston Bachelorette Party

  • Visit Rainbow Row

  • Boat day with Captain Cocktail Cruise


Where to stay:

1.) Downtown: one of the best areas to stay in Charleston for a bachelorette party or girl's trip! In Downtown Charleston you will find plenty of restaurants to choose from, bars, and shopping.

2.) Folly's beach:Folly is a laid-back surf town. Folly beach is the perfect area to stay if you are looking for beautiful beach views and relaxation while on your bachelorette party in Charleston. 

charleston bachelorette party

3.) French Quarter:YES! Charleston has a French quarter too! If you are looking for a centralized location for your stay in Charleston to explore the surrounding areas of the city, go with the French Quarter! The French Quarter is a section of the historical district where you will find the Charleston waterfront park, White point garden, and beautiful historic buildings. Check out French quarter inn.

4.) Isle of palms:Known for its pristine beaches and natural wildlife, resorts and spas Isle of palms is a cute little island located 15-20 minutes from downtown Charleston. Perfect area to stay for the nature loving bride-to-be looking for a laid-back girl's weekend full of pampering and relaxation.

Charleston bachelorette party

Airnb and hotels: 

Charleston has many hotels and airnb's to choose from. Airnb's make the perfect set up for your Charleston bachelorette party stay as they can be more spacious to accommodate large groups! Check out The pink panther. 

Charleston bachelorette party

How to get around the city:

Charleston is a very easy city to get around in with many different options! if staying in a centralized location like the French quarter or downtown you can walk to many areas. While in Charleston you can also use Lyft, Uber, or bicycle around the city. Another option to get around is to use Charleston's bus system CARTAwhich is free to everyone and operates in the downtown historic area. 

                           charleston bachelorette party

Where to eat: 

Brunch: Millers All Day, Butcher & Bee, The Junction Kitchen & Provisions, Basic Kitchen

Dinner: Halls Chophouse, The ordinary, The Grocery, Lenoir, Husk restaurant, FIG, 167 Raw, Bourbon & bubbles, Uptown social chs

Charleston bachelorette party

Where to have drinks: 

  • Pavillion rooftop bar

  • Camellias Champagne bar

  • The Darling Oyster bar

  • The Vendue-roof top bars

Charleston bachelorette party

Where to Party: Charleston Bachelorette Party

Republic garden & Lounge: Nightclub with innovative cocktails & small plates, served in a sophisticated setting.

Charleston bachelorette party     



14 instagram-worthy spots in Charleston

Charleston is a beautiful southern gem! When it comes to a bachelorette party Charleston has so many great photo opportunities for your bachelorette party or girl's trip! Check out the most Instagram-worthy spotsto take gorgeous photos while on your bachelorette party in Charleston!

charleston bachelorette party

1.) Rainbow Row: First on the list is Rainbow Row! This is undeniably the most requested insta-worthy location for BACH photo shoots! These historic pastel homes are a staple of Charleston and one of the most photographed attractions! When it comes to gorgeous photos for you and your tribe, Rainbow Row is pure perfection! Location: East Bay Street

2.) The Mills House Hotel: A historic hotel in Charleston, the exterior pink walls are a great place to take photos with your friends for a bachelorette party. Location: 115 Meeting Street

3.) Pineapple Fountain: A popular spot for photos is the Pineapple fountain. As the name says, it is a cute pineapple shaped fountain that faces a waterfront and is a focal point of the Charleston's waterfront park. Location: 1 Vendue Range

4.) Pink Palace:  If you and your bride tribe love pink, check out the pink palace for a photo-op! The pink palace is a mansion that was built in the mid-19th century. At the pink palace you will find a large garden and harbor views. Taking photos in front of a pretty pink mansion is a must for any Charleston bachelorette party! Location: 5 East battery

5.) Folly Beach: Enjoy a beachside restaurant, drinks at the bar, and some live music on Folly beach! While at this gorgeous beach, take the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views and snap some pics! Location: 101 E Arctic Ave, Folly Beach

6.) East bay and Elliot street: Charming street with so many photo opportunities to love!

7.) Poolside photos: Renting out a private pool or an Airbnb with a pool is a great bachelorette photo opportunity for your trip! Get some fun pool floaties, Champagne, and cute outfits to create memorable photos to look back on your time in Charleston.

8.) Pink Panther house: by stayduvet is a charming Charleston Airnb, if you stay here it is perfect to take photos! Location: 17 Chalmers Street

Other Instagram worthy spots:

9.) Iconic pink door 10.) South of Broad 11.) Camellias Champagne Bar  12.) Pavillion Rooftop bar 13.) Basic Kitchen 14.) Set sail and take some photos on a yacht!

Looking for a Bachelorette party photographer to capture some epic photos of you and your girl gang? Whether in Charleston or beyond check out Charleston bride tribe, Where it’s not just a regular Photoshoot, but a whole BACH experience!! 📸⚡️


How to accessorize: Charleston is the perfect place to wear a cute sun dress out for brunch or jeans and a t-shirt. If you are going to one of Charleston's gorgeous beaches, bring your floppy hat and swimsuit coverup! When accessorizing for Charleston think fun, feminine and casual! what to wear to your bachelorette party what to wear for bachelorette party.

what to wear to your bachelorette partywhat to wear for bachelorette prty

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