Dreamy Los Angeles Bachelorette Party Itinerary

February 28, 2024 2 min read

Los angeles bachelorette party

Los Angeles Bachelorette Party

Bride-to-be, Sarah had an epic bachelorette celebration in California with her besties. They visited Los Angeles for a three-day celebrations. From a fairy tale visit to Disneyland, glamming it up in LA, and soaking up the sun on Malibu beach, this itinerary has it all.


  • Arrived in Los Angeles, California
    • The bachelorette crew touched down in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, marking the beginning of an unforgettable weekend.
  • Shuttle to Airbnb
    • They hopped on a convenient shuttle to reach their Airbnb accommodation, setting the stage for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.
  • Settled in, decorated & got groceries
    • Upon arrival, the group settled into their Airbnb, adding personal touches to the space and ensuring they had all the essentials for a fabulous weekend.
  • Dinner at LA restaurant
    • The evening was filled with amazing cuisine and a lively atmosphere as they dined at a Nobu LA Restaurant.
  • Outfit theme: Pretty in pink, classic white for the bride
    • Embracing their final flamingle bachelorette theme, the group dressed in charming pink dresses, while the bride-to-be wore a classic white outfit, setting the tone for a memorable night.


  • Breakfast at Airbnb
    • The day began with breakfast at their cozy Airbnb, fueling up for an exciting day.
  • Arrived at Disneyland
    • They explored so many things while at Disneyland from eating dole whip, Mikey ice cream, and exploring the theme park.
  • Late-night dinner at In-N-Out
    • The evening concluded with a visit to the renowned In-N-Out Burger, where they savored delicious late-night bites, wrapping up an eventful day.
  • Spa night & games
    • The night transitioned to a soothing spa session and engaging games, centered around the theme of self-care. They wore cute feather pajamas from Bach Bride.


  • Breakfast at Airbnb
    • Another great breakfast at their Airbnb set the stage for a day filled with sunshine and adventure.
  • Headed to Malibu, California for bottomless mimosas
    • The group embarked on a day trip to the breathtaking coastal paradise of Malibu, where they enjoyed bottomless mimosas, setting the tone for a leisurely and enjoyable day.
  • Beach day at Malibu Beach
    • The group had a relaxing beach day at Malibu Beach, soaking up the sun.
  • Headed back to Los Angeles
    • Went back to Airbnb and got ready for dinner
    • Went to dinner and had a night out on the town
  • Outfit Theme: Shine bright like a diamond, they wore shimmering dresses and sparkling accessories to bring their look together for the night.

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