Bachelorette Party Palm Springs Itinerary

December 30, 2022 2 min read

Bachelorette Party Palm Springs

Bride-to-be Amber enjoyed her bachelorette party in Palm Springs, California. Palms Springs is located in the Sonoran Desert of southern California. The city is known for its hot springs, stylish hotels, spas, and gorgeous architecture. Palms Springs is a great destination to host a bachelorette party, as there are many restaurants to choose from and outdoor activities to explore. If Palm Springs sounds like your vibe, check out where these ladies stayed, eat, and partied for their Palms Springs bachelorette party for some planning inspiration!

When to go: During this bachelorette crews stay they had a blast, but it was also very hot in the city!

Best time to visit:

If you are planning a Palms Springs bachelorette party, keep in mind the best time to visit is between January and April. Fall is also a great time to visit as well and offers comfortable temperatures.

palms springs bachelorette

Worst time to visit:

The least favorable time to visit Palm Springs is during the summer, as the tempertures can really heat up. If you do decide to visit Palm Springs during the summer get a house or hotel with a pool! Also consider doing your fun activities during the evening or night time when the tempertures are less hot.

palms springs bachelorette

Where they stayed:

  • Inaja House Desert Hot Springs: The bride-to-be and her bachelorette crew stayed at a dreamy desert home with a pool and spa. This airnb was located just a short drive from downtown Palm Springs, making it a very convenient location for a bachelorette party in Palms Springs.

palms springs bachelorette party

Where they eat:

  • Dinner at Tac/Quila: Hip Mexican eatery with eclectic decor serving street fare, seafood, meat dishes & craft cocktails.

palms springs bachelorette party

What they did:

palms springs bachelorette party

Where they partied:

  • Copa night club: This club is a Palm Springs hot spot located in Downtown Palm Springs. This nightclub was a very fun experience for this crew and what made it even better was that it was filled with other bachelorette parties and the clubs Saturday night show.

palms spings bachelorette party

Ambers Palm Springs Itinerary:

  • Thursday- flew in late
  • Friday- pool day, agua calient casino and cascade lounge
  • Saturday - mimosa brunch, pool day, dinner at Tac/Quila, Copa Night Club
  • Sunday - in home yoga recovery day, lingerie party
  • Monday - fly home

palms springs bachelorette party

How they accesorized:

  • Decor - target
  • Veil, sunglasses, crown - party city
  • Fanny packs - Etsy
  • Shirt - @busygirlcraftingco on insta

palms springs bachelorette party

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