Nashville Bachelorette Party Ideas & Itinerary

January 02, 2023 3 min read

Nashville Bachelorette Party Ideas & Itinerary

The bride-to-be celebrated her bachelorette party in Nashville with 5 of her friends! Initially she was super nervous about doing Nashville for her bachelorette trip because she thought it would be Cliché, as Nashville has become such a popular destination for bachelorette parties- However, Nashville proved her wrong and showed this bride exactly why it is such a popular bachelorette destination!! If you are thinking of planning a bachelorette party in Nashville check out their itinerary for some ideas and inspiration!

Where they stayed: Airbnb

How they got around: Rented a car

Where they eat:

All food destinations for their bachelorette party had some kind of Vegan option!! The Maid of honor is Vegan, so the bride-to-be made sure to pick places that she had something to eat!

nashville bachelorette party

What they did:

Nashville continued to prove to be a great destination for their bachelorette party, as they found activities everyone enjoyed. The bride-to-be loved Nashville, as it wasn't just about the crazy party scene and as Nashville offers many other activities which were perfect for for all of her bridesmaids. This bachelorette party was specifically planned to incorporate both the girls who liked to party and the girls that didn’t, sothey made sure to do a mix of activities for everyone to enjoy! 

nashville bachelorette party

Where they partied:

They mostly partied on Broadway street. Broadway is a major area in downtown Nashville known for honky tonks and live country music. Broadway street is where most of the action is to find entertainment, retail shops, restaurants, and tourist attractions.

nashville bachelorette party

Nashville Bachelorette Party Itinerary:

Day 1
Everyone arrived at different times, they got BBQ take out and just spent the night decorating the air B&B for the weekend!

Day 2
Everyone had brunch at Nashville Jam Company - they found this location to be very cute with great customer service. After brunch they went to check out Gaylord Opryland, which was a cool hotel to check out.

They had their own car rental and drove to the Candy Hearts Mural!

Later that night they had dinner at Stateside kitchen - Another amazing meal that they all loved. A must try at this restaurant is their sangria in the cowboy hat! This restaurant was more upscale with a stunning atmosphere.

After dinner they went back to the airnb and freshened up and headed to Broadway Street! They up hit up Tootsies, a bar downtown and listened to live music. They also went to Coyote Uglyto dance and then Kid rocks bar to see the rooftop bar. 

nashville bachelorette party

Day 3
Visited Holiday Salon & Bath House - They enjoyed a relaxing day at the spa. They rented out a private bath house room with a salt jacuzzi, steam room, dry sauna and a cold plunge shower!

Afternoon Tea-The bride-to-be received an incredible suprise and had a tea party back at their Airbnb after their spa day. They had homemade treats, and a complete tea party. The tea party was set up by a local company called TeaVine ran by two best friends.

nashville bachelorette party

Later that night...

Dinner at The Diner- They went to a 7 story restaurant called The Dinerl! This location has great quality food and reasonably priced menu items! It is located a block or two from Broadway Street.

Wild Beaver Saloon - They finished off their bachelorette trip by enjoying a chill girls night out. Wild Beaver Saloon was perfect for the girls in the bachelorette party that didn’t love bar scenes or drinking. This location has more of a chill vibe and has karaoke and a mechanical bull, and even a little old school arcade in the back!

Day 4
Go home day!
nashville bachelorette party

How they accesorized:

  • All decorations are from Shein or Etsy
  • Outfits are from Shein
  • White Boots from Fashion Nova

nashville bachelorette

nashville bachelorette party

nashville bachelorette party

nashville bachelorette

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