Shrek Bachelorette Party

March 30, 2023 2 min read

Shrek bachelorette party

If your an iconic bride then why not have an iconic bachelorette party? We are not talking disco or cowgirls either! We are talking about a Shrek themed bachelorette party! The movie Shrek is literally an iconic movie from the early 2000’s and will bring back so much nostalgia for you and your crew. Also, a Shrek theme is just a hilarious and unique way to party with your besties in the clubs.

Shrek bachelorette party
Bride-to-be Alyssa had a bachelorette party in San Diego where her friends surprised her with a Shrek theme night out at the club! Check out there bachelorette trip for some planning inspiration and ideas!

Shrek bachelorette party

Where they stayed: A super nice beachfront Airbnb that slept 16. 

Where they partied:

They partied in Pacific beach and bar hopped all night with their Shrek themed outfits. People loved there outfits and were taking pictures of them all night! They also went to Lips drag show which was a fun time for them. 

Shrek bachelorette party

The characters: 

The bride-to-be and her crew really brought their Shrek themed night to life by dressing up as characters from Shrek!

Fiona: The bride-to-be dressed up as Fiona and had a green dress on with ogre ears! For a bachelorette party dressing up as Fiona is the perfect main character energy to celebrate the future Mrs.

shrek bachelorette party

 Lord Farquaad: Would a Shreklorette be complete without the villain? You can be so extra with this character during a bachelorette party.

shrek bachelorette party

Doris is one of Cinderella's stepsisters in the movie Shrek, and makes for a hilarious addition to a Shrek themed bachelorette party.

shrek bachelorette party

Pinocchio: The bride's friend rocked a Pinocchio outfit to the club. Check out what she wore for some ideas and inspo.

shrek bachelorette party

Puss and boots: The cat with 9 lives, fun outfit for a member of your crew. 

shrek bachelorette party

• 3 blind mice: This is a fun and simple outfit where 3 friends dress up as the three blind mice. Get yourself some sunglasses and mouse ears to complete your look.

•Other Shrek character ideas: Fairy, Donkey, Dragon 

shrek bachelorette party

@lyss456 My bachlorette was hands down one of the most fun weekends of my life. I love my friends so much. SHREK IS LOVE. 💚 #shreklorette #bachelorette #bridetobe #weddingtiktok #sandiegobachelorette #shrekorbye ♬ All Star - Smash Mouth

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