Tulum Bachelorette Party Itinerary

January 23, 2023 2 min read

Tulum Bachelorette Party

Bride-to-be Vonshay had an amazing bachelorette party in Tulum, Mexico with 6 of her friends. Tulum, Mexico is a great location to host a bachelorette party with endless things to do. Have a beach day and enjoy the crystal clear blue waters or take it up a notch and go four wheeling. If you are considering a bachelorette party in Tulum check out these ladies bachelorette party itinerary to see where they stayed, eat, and partied for some Tulum bachelorette planning inspiration!

tulum bachelorette party

How to get there:

To get to Tulum, Mexico you can fly into Cancun international airport. You can then drive or hire private transportation to get you to the town of Tulum. Tulum and Cancun are approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes away b car. Another option would be to fly into Cancun international airport and get a separate connecting flight into Tulum.

The Bride:

Where they stayed:

The bride-to-be and her girls stayed at a gorgeous villa called Casa Frank that they found on Airbnb. The villa had plenty of room for everyone with 4 bedrooms that can accommodate up to 8 guest. There was also a private infiinitiy pool. This Airbnb was also just a 2 minute drive away from Downtown Tulum where you will find restaurants, street tacos, and shops.

Tulum bachelorette party

Photo: Casa Frank airbnb

What they did:

  • SFER IK museum: Bride-to-be Vonshay and her bachelorette crew vistited SFER IK museum. While here they enjoyed looking at the stunning architercture featured at this location
  • ATV riding and zip lining: This was an adventouras day for the whole crew. ATV and zip lining is a great way to see the rainforest of Tulum and can be such a fun activity to add to a bachelorette trip in Tulum.
  • Explored Cenotes: Tulum has many Cenotes to explore and to take a dip in the water. Cenotes to explore: El Gran Cenote (most popular).
  • Partied on a Yacht cruise: A highlight of this crews bachelorette trip was partying together on a Yacht. They were able to take in all the gorgeous views of the ocean, have fun taking pictures together, and more.
  • Taboo Beach Club:  They hung out at Taboo Beach Club which also has a restaurant with mediterranean cuisine.

tulum bachelorette party

Where they eat:

  • Rosa Negra: is a vibrant and lively restaurant that serves cocktails and delicious food from Latin America. 
  • Mistico Tulum: Located in the heart of downtown Tulum is a hookah bar and has great food.
  • Bak: Restarant located on the beach with some of the best steaks.
  • Chef at the Airbnb: They hired a chef to make an amazing dish for them back at their Airbnb.

The Bachelorette Crew:

tulum bachelorette party

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