Camping Bachelorette Party Ideas & Guide

January 08, 2023 4 min read

camping bachelorette

A camping bachelorette party can be the perfect way to celebrate with your besties. When choosing to have a camping bachelorette party you can not only reconnect with nature, but also have a great time with your friends. A camping bachelorette party is a great idea for the bachelorette crew who does not like the idea of a crazy party scene or bar hopping. When planning a bachelorette camping trip there are a few things to consider to make your trip a hit!  Check out our list of all the necessities for an extravagant camping bachelorette party, along with a few extra ideas! 

bachelorette camping


The first thing to consider when planning a bachelorette camping trip is the location that you want to have it! Essentially, you can go camping just about anywhere whether locally or out of state. There are some great destinations for hosting a camping bachelorette party. You may want to choose a location with mountains to enjoy or cool hiking trails. 

bachelorette camping

Bachelorette destinations to consider:

  • Asheville, North Carolina: This city in North Carolina is an amazing location to host a camping bachelorette party. While visiting Asheville you will be able to enjoy the gorgeous views of Blue Ridge Mountain and reconnect with nature. There are also many other things to get into while here to enjoy such as the cities great restaurants, shops, and brewies.
  • Tennessee: It is no Suprise; Tennessee is a great location for a camping bachelorette party location! Tennessee has so many opportunities to really enjoy your trip with your friends. Tennessee is home to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and Fall Creek Fall gorge in West Tennessee. 
  • Other great states for a camping bachelorette trip: California, Colorado, Utah, South Dakota, New Mexico, Arizona, Oregon

bachelorette camping


For your camping bachelorette party, accommodations will be a great way to set the mood for your trip! When selecting accommodations keep everyone's comfort in mind! Camping can be fun but be sure to have all the camping essentials and comfortable accommodations to make your bachelorette trip a hit! 

  • Cabin: Getting a cabin is a great idea to give your trip a true camping feel. In addition, it can often accommodate a large group. Cabins also offer fun entertainment perfect for celebrating the bachelorette weekend such as pool tables, hot tubs, and swimming pools. 
  • Set up tents at a campsite: If you are considering a traditional camping trip with all the fixings, you will need to get some tents and other essentials. If going the route of choosing tents as your accommodation don't forget the following items: Sleeping bags, blowup mattresses, water, sunscreen, mosquito control, proper clothing, hiking shoes, and cooking supplies
  • Glamping: If you are looking for a luxurious way to camp in both comfort and style glamping is the way to go! There are many top-notch glamping accommodations on Airbnb that will give you an upscale bachelorette camping feel. 

bachelorette camping

Bachelorette Camping Activities to consider: 

For your bachelorette party consider bringing along some of your own fun games to play. Also, the best thing you can do during your trip is to simply go exploring and enjoy your surroundings. 

  • Have a slumber party: Throw it back with a fun slumber party back at your cabin. Bring your favorite snacks, drinks, movies, and games! 
  • Site Seeing: Depending on where you set up camp, you can explore nearby lookouts or go for a drive and check out the local mountains. 
  • Bonfire: Get lit with a fun bonfire. Many campsites and cabins offer built in areas to start a bonfire. A bonfire is a great way to spend quality time with your friends before tying the knot. 
  • Spa day: With a camping bachelorette party there will be plenty of time to reconnect with nature, it is also a great opportunity to reconnect with yourself. Treat yourself during your camp bachelorette party with a relaxing spa day with friends. 
  • Listen to music: Don't forget to create an epic playlist prior to your camping trip! 

bachelorette camping

More Bachelorette Camping activity ideas:

  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Go Tubing
  • Go Swimming in a river, lake, or swimming hole
  • Check out a waterfall 
  • Enjoy the nearby towns shops and restaurants

bachelorette camping

Snack ideas: 

  • Smores: Treat yourself to a classic camping snack and make some smores by the campfire. 
  • Hot Cocoa, Tea and Coffee: These are the perfect camping beverages to enjoy on your trip or to put into a flask and drink on the go!


bachelorette camping


Adding a theme to your bachelorette party can add more fun to the weekend. A perfect theme for a camping bachelorette party is "Camp bachelorette." This theme throws it back to summer camp days and essentially is your own little summer camp with your bachelorette party crew. 

Real camp bachelorette theme in action: 

Bride-to-be Lindsey and her friends decided to have a camp themed bachelorette party in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. If you are planning a camp themed bachelorette party, check out what these ladies did for some camp bachelorette planning inspiration.

camp bachelorette

Where they stayed: They stayed in a cabin they found on Airbnb.

camp bachelorette

What they did: 

  • Went to escape room: The bride-to-be and her friends went to an escape room. An escape room is a great way to work together and figure out clues while bonding and having fun.
  • Spa Day: During their camp themed bachelorette party this bachelorette crew enjoyed a relaxing spa day.
  • Played board games and enjoyed a wine tasting game in their matching flannel pajamas back at their cabin.

camp bachelorette


One of the brides' friends created the logos for the camp themed bags and screen printed them. They also designed the vinyl design on the mugs and banners. The decor really brought their camp theme to life.

camp bachelorette

camp bachelorette

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