Last Minute Bachelorette Party Ideas

January 30, 2023 4 min read

Last minute bachelorette ideas

Last minute bachelorette party ideas

Are you a future bride looking for some last minute bachelorette party ideas? You may be trying to plan something quickly and searching for fun things to do with your friends to celebrate. There are so many things to do if you are planning a last minute bachelorette party. We have rounded up 19 last minute bachelorette ideas to get the party started!

last minute bachelorette party ideas

1.) Lake or beach day

A day at your local lake or beach can be both relaxing and the perfect last minute activity for a bachelorette party. Take in the beautiful sea views, enjoy some relaxation, and the chance to wear super cute swimsuitswith your friends.

last minute bachelorette party ideas

2.) Pool Party 

Break out the pool floats, cute swimsuits, and your favorite music! A pool party can be a great idea if you have limited time to plan. You can either choose to party at a friends house with a pool or book a stay at a local hotel. If you are unable to book a hotel stay, you can also consider getting a day pass at a local hotel as an alternative to simply access their pool for the day. 

last minute bachelorette party ideas

3.) Night at the club

A night at the club is a easy way to have fun and does not take alot of time to plan. Find a local hot spot in town and try to plan it during the weekend when there is more action. This is a simple and quick idea for a last minute bachelorette party!

last minute bachelorette party ideas

4.) Spa Day

A spa day is a relaxing way to pamper yourself and your crew! In addition it can be a great last minute idea to consider for your bachelorette party. Often times spa services can be booked 24 hours in advance and they may be able to easily accommodate a last minute booking for your group.

last minute bachelorette party ideas

5.) Staycation 

You do not need to go out of the country or state to have a great bachelorette party. If you are short on time for bachelorette planning simply renting an Airbnb near your home or staying at a local hotel is an easy way to have fun. Bring some drinks, music, and games to get the party started! Depending on when and where you choose to host your bachelorette party, there are many hotels that may be able to accommodate a last minute booking. 

last minute bachelorette party ideas

6.) Wine Tasting

If you and your bachelorette crew have a tough time choosing between red wine, white wine or rosé a last minute wine tasting can be a fun bachelorette option. You can consider going wine tasting at a local winery, restaurant, or wine bar.

last minute bachelorette party ideas

7.) Boat trip

Another last minute option for having a fun celebration with your crew is to rent a boat or host a party aboard a yacht.

last minute bachelorette party ideas

8.) Bridal Party Brunch

Get dressed up with your besties for brunch and mimosas. Brunch with friends is a great way to have a bachelorette party on short notice. The great thing about this idea is all it takes is some food and great company to set the mood. 

last minute bachelorette party ideas

9.) Picnic

A picnic can be an enjoyable bachelorette party option. Your bachelorette crew can bring their own dish to add to the picnic or it can be ordered in advance. A picnic is an intimate way to enjoy a bachelorette party with friends with limited planning needed. 


last minute bachelorette party ideas

10.) Slumber Party

A slumber party is a simple and fun way to have a blast with friends. Bring out the snacks, games, movies, and cute pj's. This can be a great last minute bachelorette party activity and a way to spend quality time with your friends. 

last minute bachelorette party ideas

More last minute bachelorette party ideas

If you still have not found the perfect last minute solution for your bachelorette party keep reading! We have rounded up more ideas to consider.

11.) Poll Dancing Class

Poll dancing is great way to enjoy your bachelorette party and does not take a lot of time to plan. You can find poll dancing classes in many cities and it is an experience you and your friends will not forget!

12.) Hiking

For the adventurous bride-to-be looking for a last minute bachelorette party idea, a hike with friends is perfect! A hike is a great activity and a fun way to explore the outdoors with your crew.

13.) Bowling

Bowling is not only a great last minute bachelorette party activity it is also a fun and low key way to celebrate with your friends. Throw on some bowling shoes and get ready to show your skills!

14.) Karoke

Enjoy a night out by singing your heart out with friends. Karaoke is a fun and hilarious way to celebrate a bachelorette party that is easy and quick to plan. To get your karaoke night started simply find areas in town that have karoke night such as a bar or restaurant.

15.) Comedy Club

Enjoy a last minute bachelorette party night by having some laughs with your bachelorette crew at a comedy club. 

16.) The Movies

Another simple bachelorette party activity that can accommodate time constraints is going out to watch a movie with your besties. Planning a movie day is quick and does not require alot of time or effort to a have fun!

17.) Cooking Class

Learn to cook a new dish by attending a cooking class together. Depending on the classes availability you may be able to book a last minute class for you and your bachelorette crew.

18.) Dinner Party

Dinner gatherings with close friends may be a really great way to host a last minute bachelorette party. You may have many local restaurants to choose from that can accommodate a last minute booking depending on their availability. 

19.) Paint Night

Enjoy your bachelorette night out by going to paint with your friends. Many paint nights can be booked the same day and does not require a lot of planning.

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