25 Cheap Bachelorette Party Ideas

November 27, 2022 4 min read

cheap bachelorette party ideas

Bachelorette party Ideas on a budget

Are you a future bride looking for some cheap bachelorette party ideas? You may not be into the idea of spending a crazy amount of money and searching for affordable alternatives, while still being able to have a great time with friends. There are so many affordable bachelorette party ideas, that you won't break the bankWe have rounded up 25 bachelorette party ideas on a budget to help you plan the ultimate bachelorette party weekend. 


cheap bachelorette party ideas

1.) Spa Day

Pamper yourself on your bachelorette party with some top-notch spa treatments for you and your girls! A spa day is relaxing and can be an affordable way to celebrate a bachelorette party on a budget. Imagine you and your friends enjoying a soothing facial, massage, or even a manicure!

cheap bachelorette party ideas

2.) Pool Party 

A pool party is a cheap bachelorette party idea that will save money for everyone. You can either choose to have a bachelorette pool party at a friends house who owns a pool or get a day pass at a local hotel. Break out the pool floats, cute swimsuits, and your favorite music! A pool bachelorette party is a inexpensive bachelorette party idea that everyone is sure to enjoy. 

cheap bachelorette party ideas

3.) Night at the club

A night at the club is a easy way to have fun and affordable. When considering partying at a club you will only need to factor in the cost of drinks and the admission to get in making it an affordable bachelorette party option. 

cheap bachelorete party ideas

4.) Staycation 

You do not need to go out of the country or state to have a great time. Choosing to host a bachelorette party within your home state is an inexpensive option. If your destination is within driving distance this eliminates the often-expensive cost of flights. 

cheap bachelorette party ideas

5.) Boat trip

Another low-cost option for having a celebration with your pals is to rent a boat or host a party aboard a yacht. You may celebrate a bachelorette party in style and on a budget by splitting the expense with your friends. Bring your own reasonably priced food to enjoy during the day while taking in the landscape and amazing music.

cheap bachelorette party ideas

6.) Bridal Party Brunch

Get dressed up with your besties for brunch and mimosas Brunch with friends is a great way to have a bachelorette party on a budget. cheap bachelorette party ideas

7.) Picnic

A picnic can be an inexpensive and enjoyable bachelorette party option.  Your bachelorette crew can bring their own dish to add to the picnic or it can be ordered in advance. A picnic is an intimate way to enjoy bachelorette party with friends without breaking the bank. 


cheap bachelorette party ideas

8.) Lake or beach day

A day at your local lake or beach can be both relaxing and affordable. Take in the beautiful sea views, enjoy some relaxation, and the chance to wear super cute swimsuits with your friends.  cheap bachelorette party ideas

9.) Paint Night

Enjoy your bachelorette night out by going to paint with your friends. This is both a cheap bachelorette party idea and a way to create lasting memories with a keepsake for everyone. 

cheap bachelorette party

10.) Slumber Party

A slumber party is a simple and fun way to have a blast with friends. Bring out the snacks, games, favorite movies, and cute pj's. This can be a budeget friendly way to spend your bachelorette party. cheap bachelorette party ideas

More affordable bachelorette party ideas

If you still have not found the perfect budget friendly solution for your bachelorette party keep reading! We have rounded up more inexpensive ideas to consider for a cheap bachelorette party ideas. 

11.) Glamping or Camping

Spending time outside is a great budget friendly option for a bachelorette party! Consider splitting the cost of the cabin or setting up a tent in the woods. 

12.) Poll Dancing Class

Poll dancing is a and cheap way to enjoy your bachelorette party. You can find poll dancing classes in many cities and is an experience you and your friends will not forget.

13.) Concert

Do you have someone you've really wanted to see in concert live? A bachelorette weekend is definitely a great time to go to a concert with friends. Put on a cute outfit and enjoy some good music and vibes with your bachelorette crew.

14.) Hiking

For the adventurous bride-to-be on a budget who loves the outdoors, a hike can be your next bachelorette activity!

15.) Bowling

Bowling is not only an inexpensive bachelorette party activity it is also a fun and low key way to celebrate with your friends. Throw on some bowling shoes and get ready to show your skills!

16.) Karoke

Enjoy a night out by singing your heart out with friends. Karaoke is a fun and hilarious way to celebrate a bachelorette party on a budget. 

17.) Comedy Club

Enjoy a affordable bachelorette party night by having some laughs with your bachelorette crew at a comedy club. 

18.) The Movies

Another simple and affordable bachelorette party activity is going out to watch a movie with your besties. 

19.) Plan a Photoshoot

An exciting addition to any bachelorette celebration is a photo shoot. It is the best excuse to dress up and take some priceless pictures with your buddies.

20.) Yoga Retreat

A yoga retreat can be a low-cost bachelorette party activity and a great way to reconnect with yourself and is something a lay back bridal party will love.

21.) Cooking Class

Learn to cook a new dish while also saving some coins by attendting a cooking class together. 

22.) Wine Tasting

If you and your bachelorette crew have a tough time choosing between red wine, white wine and rosé wine tasting is a fun and great option. 

23.) Tea Party

A tea party is a fun way to dress it up with cute hats and spring dresses. This is a classy and budget friendly bachelorette party idea that is sure to be a hit.

24.) Hotel for the night or local airnb

Renting an AirB&B near your home or staying at a local hotel can be a great and affordable bachelorette party option. A hot tub or pool might be available, depending on your accommodations, and you can also enjoy playing games, some music, and dancing the night away. 

25.) Dinner Party

Dinner gatherings with close friends may be a really great way to cut cost and intimate way to celebrate a bachelorette party. 

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