Classy Bachelorette Party Ideas

November 27, 2022 3 min read

classy bachelorette party ideas

Are you a bride-to-be who doesn't like to party hard? Maybe you are not loving the idea of going to the club for your bachelorette party and are looking for something more classy. Some brides may want to party in Vegas, get strippers, or drink all weekend long. However, this may not be your vibe. We have created our top 10 list for some classy bachelorette party ideas for the chill bride-to-be. 

1.) Spa Day

 A spa day is a relaxing and laid-back way to celebrate a bachelorette party without having to go to the club or party hard. Pamper yourself on your bachelorette party with some top-notch spa treatments for you and your girls!

classy bachelorette party ideas

2.) Go Glamping

A great idea for a bachelorette party is spending time in nature! Glamping is a classy bachelorette party idea to spend time your friends. Think getting a cozy cabin in the woods or a luxurious tent set up. Locations to consider for a cozy weekend outdoors are Tennessee, North Carolina, and Colorado.

classy bachelorette party ideas

3.) Yoga Retreat

Take the time to re-center yourself before the big day. A yoga retreat can be a classy and laid-back way to celebrate your bachelorette party. Imagine being surrounded by the beauty of nature, your best friends, and pure relaxation.

classy bachelorette party ideas

4.) Beach House

Renting a house on the beach has so much to offer from beautiful sea views, relaxation, and the chance to wear super cute swimsuits! There are so many locations for your beach bachelorette party to consider like Miami, Tulum, or visiting a local beach in town!

classy bachelorette party ideas

5.) Wine tasting

A great way to celebrate your bachelorette party is by going wine tasting or visiting a winery. This is a super chill alternative to drink alcohol without the crazy club scene. Wine tasting is the perfect combination of a boujee and relaxing bachelorette retreat. For bridal parties that are wine lovers it can be an unforgettable event from gorgeous vineyard views, wine tours, appetizers, and charcuterie. 


classy bachelorette party ideas

6.) Bridal Party Brunch

Enjoy a delicious brunch with your bridal party with mimosas, fresh fruit and all the brunch essentials! Go out to eat with your girls or plan a brunch at a hotel or a friend's house.

classy bachelorette party

7.) Cooking Class

Keep it classy with a cooking class with your friends. This is a great way for everyone to learn how to make a new dish and to enjoy each others company.

classy bachelorette party

8.) Tea party

A tea party is a fun way to dress it up with cute hats and spring dresses. This is a classy bachelorette party idea that is sure to be alot of fun.

classy bachelroette party

9.) Paint Night

Not says classy more then sipping wine and painting with your bachelorette crew. A paint nigh is a great way to celebrate and create a lasting memory, with your friends.

classy bachelorette party ideas

10.) Slumber Party 

Throw it back with a slumber party. Bring out the wine, movies, and snacks. This can be a classy way to have an epic bachelorette party with your bach crew.

classy bachelorette party

11.) Day on a boat or Yacht

Renting a boat or partying on a yacht is another great way to celebrate. You can enjoy the scenery, good music, and food. With a bachelorette party on a boat where you don't have to shout over loud music, it can be an intimate way to have a fun and relaxing bach party experience.

classy bachelorette party

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