Fort Lauderdale Bachelorette Party Itinerary

February 07, 2023 2 min read

fort lauderdale bachelorette party

Bride-to-be Dominique had an epic time celebrating her bachelorette party with her friends in South Beach and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. South Beach is known for its gorgeous beaches and wild party scene while Fort Lauderdale is more low key. These two locations make the perfect combination for a bachelorette weekend. These areas offer world-class shopping, hidden gems, great bars, and pristine beaches. If you are planning a bachelorette party in South Beach or Fort Lauderdale check out these ladies itinerary for some inspiration.
fort lauderdale bachelroette party
Where they stayed: Hollywood, Florida
The bride-to-be and her bachelorette crew wanted to stay in South Beach but had a difficult time finding an airbnb that could accomodate their large group size. Instead of lodging in South Beach they decided to book accommodations in Hollywood, Florida. Hollywood was a perfect home base for their bachelorette trip as it was a great centralized location to Fort Lauderdale and South Beach. 
fort lauderdale bachelorette party
What they did:
Day 1: Beach & Chill
Thursday: Everyone flew in through Miami airport, they picked up their rental car and drove to their VRBO. They also went shopping for groceries and decorated. Afterwards they went to Hollywood Beach during the day. They also visited Hollywood Beach during the night which they would not recommend as most bars close during that time. They visited some other spots and then went back to their VRBO to hang out at the pool.
fort lauderdale bachelorette party
Day 2: Boat Day
Friday: They wore matching swimsuits and rented a boat ($140pp for 8pass) . They got a double decker pontoon with a slide which was a highlight of their trip! While on the boat they cruised through Las Olas and anchored at the Ft Lauderdale sandbar. They also partied with some other bachelorette groups and loved chilling on the big floaty mat.
fort lauderdale bachelorette party
Later that night....
The bride-to-be went to South Beach and partied at Mangos all night (30pp cover)! They enjoyed their expierence at this club because as soon as they walked in they were moved to VIP and had free bottle serveice all night. Mangos is a really fun club as it features live dancers, has several rooms/bars and great energy.
fort lauderdale bachelorette party
Day 3:
Saturday: They stayed in Hollywood for the epic Daer pool party!
They had a blast at Daer pool party and DJ Cedric kept the vibes high!  The drinks at the pool party were very expensive. They got free admission to the pool party by working with a local promoter Candyman on Instagram.
fort lauderdale bachelorette party
Later that night...
They had dinner at Bar Rita in Fort Lauderdale. The food here was great but they did not like the service and would not go back for that reason. They had a surprise show at La Bare (google it) and had an amazing time and laughed all night.

fort lauderdale bachelorette party

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