Taylor Swift Bachelorette: Tybee Island

February 12, 2023 3 min read

taylor swift bachelorette

Bride-to-be Courtney had a Taylor Swift bachelorette party in Tybee Island, Georgia with her friends. While on Tybee they also spent a lot of time in Savannah as well. Tybee Island is a charming and unique island on the Georgia coast and is the perfect location to bring the crew for a beach bachelorette weekend. The island also has accommodations and restaurants that are inexpensive. If you are planning a bachelorette party in Tybee Island or a Taylor Swift theme check out Courtneys bachelorette trip for some inspiration!

taylor swift bachelorette

Theme: Taylor Swift "She Found Her Lover"

The bride-to-be is a Taylor Swift fan. For any Taycray brides this is the perfect theme for you. The bride's maid of honor did an incredible job at setting the mood for the bachelorette party with everything Taylor Swift inspired. The bride had a super cute lover backdrop with her face on it and they wore matching "Lover" shirts!

taylor bachelorette party

For their Taylor Swift bachelorette party they had  cookies that were bride themed and also had Taylor Swift lyrics on them. For Courtneys's bachelorette party they incorporated pastel colors into their decorations to set the vibe. 

A highlight of their bachelorette party was putting on colorful wigs for a night downtown together. A fun addition to a Taylor Swift bachelorette is for everyone to dress up as different Taylor Swifts, and wear wigs and sunglasses!

Bride-to-be Courtney wore a purple wig for her night downtown with her friends! She added some sunglasses, a gorgeous purple sequin dress from Lulu's and of course a tattoo with her future lovers face!

taylor swift bachelorette

If you are planning a bachelorette party in Tybee Island or Savannah check out their bachelorette itinerary for some ideas and inspiration!

Savannah + Tybee Island, Georgia Itinerary

Day 1:

  • Arrive to beach house: They arrived to Tybee Island on a Thursday. While on the island they got a beach house for their bachelorette weekend.
  • Picnic on the dock: They had a picnic lunch near their beach house
  • Relax & Games: After their picnic they went back to the beach house to relax and play some fun games together.

Day 2:

  • Brunch: They started there day off by having brunch at the beach house
  • Boat day: After brunch they had a boat day on Tybee Island
  • Beach house: After there boat day on the island they went back to their beach house to get ready to go out to dinner.
  • Dinner: They had dinner at The Grove, which is a restaurant located in Savannah with southern style food, a rooftop bar, and serves creative cocktails.
  • Explore: After having dinner they explored Savannah's night scene and went to a rooftop bar and walked around Congress street which is a street in Savannah well known for its bars and restaurants.

Day 3:

  • Brunch: For their last day of their bachelorette trip they started the day off with brunch. They went to a restaurant in Savannah called Little Duck Diner. After brunch they explored + Shopped downtown Savannah
  • Sip & Cycle: They had fun doing a Sip n cycle which is a pedal bar. This was a hit for their bachelorette trip.
  • Back to beach house to get ready for their night out
  • Dinner: They finished there night off by having dinner at AJ's Dockhouse located on Tybee Island.

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